Quotes Overview

This article will provide you with the basic knowledge of how to navigate the Quotes section and the actions you can perform there.

The Quotes section keeps all of the estimates you've created for a job or client in one place. If you would like to view a tutorial on the Quotes tab, you will find a link on the banner on the landing page:


The Quotes List

The main page will display a list of quotes you have created in Fleetmatics WORK. By default all columns are displayed:

  • Quote Number - this is a link that will open the full Quote record
  • Client
  • Site - if any
  • Sell Cost - total cost of all items associated with the Quote
  • Email
  • Status


What you can do on the Quotes list

1. Search for a quote - You can search for a quote across any of the searchable fields by selecting "All Items." This search will be performed by default. You can choose to narrow down your search by choosing one of the specific fields when searching. 
2. Manage your list view
  • Hide columns - If you wish to hide some of the columns, click on the Column Selection (gear-shaped) icon right next to your Filter option and un-check the columns to hide. You can also add more columns by checking the box. 

  • Increase items per page - Each page will list 25 clients at a time. You can change the number listed using the "Show (x) items per page" option at the bottom of the list.
  • Sort - Each column displayed can be sorted in ascending or descending order. Click on any column header to sort using that column. An arrow (up or down) will indicate is the list is sorted by that column.
  • Re-order columns - If you wish to change the order of the columns, you can click and drag on the column header to re-position them on the list.
  • Re-size columns - if you hover or point your cursor in the space between column headers, you will see the cursor change to a symbol with two arrows. Once you see this new cursor appear, drag to either side to increase or decrease the column width.
3. Perform other actions
At the top of the list are a couple of action buttons that will allow you to perform the following:
  • Delete Quotes - You can delete a quote from your list. Once a quote is deleted it will not be displayed on your main Quotes list. It will not be possible to retrieve deleted quotes.
  • Create a Job - Turn a quote into a job. The client details will automatically be used for the new job. For more details, go to "How to Create a Quote".
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