How do I Invoice a Job?

Once you dispatch a job, your Fieldworker will be in charge of managing the job on his or her mobile phone app. For more information on managing a job from the "Fieldworker Mobile App", click here.

Remember: Fieldworkers need to be given permissions to be able to perform specific actions on the mobile app. See Settings for permissions settings.

To finish a job, a Fieldworker can:

  • Log travel time to the job
  • Log work time on the job
  • Log job pause time, if any
  • Log Completion Notes
  • Add invoice items
  • Add miscellaneous purchases that are billed to the client
  • Attach documents and photos
  • Capture client signature


How do I know if a job is finished?

From the Jobs tab, the job status will indicate which jobs have been Finished. You can also filter by job status to display only the Finished ones using "Show Filtering Options".

You can also quickly check on your list whether invoice items have been added by the Fieldworker. If items have been added, the Amount should not display $0.00.


How do I add items to the invoice?

To add items to an invoice, open the job by clicking the Job Code. Go to the Billing Details tab


In the Invoice section, you can:

  • Add miscellaneous purchases that will be billed to the customer
  • Auto-add labor hours that will be billed to the customer - auto-adding labor will automatically calculate the number of hours worked based on the Start time and Finish time logged in the mobile app
  • Add invoice or inventory items that need to be billed to the customer

When adding inventory items Once all the invoice components have been added, you can click on the "Invoice" button to generate the invoice. It will ask for an "Invoice Date" and a "Due Date", as well as Invoice Notes. Click "Invoice" again to save all the information.

All invoiced jobs a will be indicated by a check mark on the main jobs list. You can also view them under the Accounts tab.

From the Invoice section, you can also "Download Preview" or "Email" the invoice to the client.


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