How do I Create a Quote?

This article covers the steps for creating a new quote (or estimate) from the Fleetmatics WORK system. 

Quotes are an integral part of most most field service businesses. The ability to estimate cost and time to the customer, and sending the estimate to the customer electronically saves both your business and your customer precious time and money.

There are 2 areas in the system where you can create a quote:

  • From the Quotes tab
  • From the Clients tab


To create a quote from the Quotes tab

1. Click on the "Create a Quote" button on the upper right hand corner of the main screen.

2. Select Client Information on the pop-up window. You can type in 3 or more characters of a keyword from one of the following fields: Client Name, Site Name or Contact name. All matching records will display and you can choose the correct client for this quote. 

If you are creating a quote for a new client, click on the "Create a Client" link at the bottom of the results list.

When searching:

  • The search results will return all matching results from Client Name, Site Name or Contact Name fields. Keyword matches will be highlighted in bold and, for Contacts and Sites, indicated by the letters (C) for Contact or (S) for Site.
  • In the example above, the search keyword "inc" returned 4: the Client "ads inc"; 2 Sites "Lincoln" and "LGDInc" (S); and 1 contact person named "Frank Finck" (C)

3. Once you have selected the client, site and contact for the quote, click "Continue". This will open the quote details in full screen mode.

Quote Details will display all the basic information for the new quote:

  • Client, Location and Contact Information
  • Billing Details
  • Quote # - will be generated automatically by the system
  • Status - will default to "New"
  • Quote Type - blank (can be edited)
  • Description - blank (can be edited)
  • Notes - blank (can be edited)

Items allows you to add inventory and labor items for a more accurate estimate of the job cost.


Scheduling allows you to set a date and time for a client location visit if one is required. If this quote does not need a visit to the location, and does need a Fieldworker assigned to it, you can leave it blank.


Documents and  Comments sections are hidden by default. If you need to add documents or comment for the quote, click on the "+" sign by the section label to display the section and add the information.


To create a quote from the Clients tab

1. From the Clients tab main screen, click on the client name who is requesting the quote.

Under the first section of the client record page, click on the "Quotes" sub-section:

The action button will change to "Create a Quote" once you click on the Quotes sub-tab.


From here, the steps are the same as when creating a quote from the main Quotes section. Once you hit Continue, you can proceed with the same steps as above.


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