Have questions about the new WORK? Check out the FAQs below. For more information about the new WORK, please also visit here.



What’s “the new WORK”?

The new WORK brings users an improved, streamlined experience when creating and editing Clients, Jobs and Quotes. It's a brand new design with lots of small improvements  aimed to help make WORK easier to use and get things done. 


What’s changed?

You’ll notice a fresh new look, new flexible search tools and filters, new organization of information and easier steps when creating and editing Clients, Jobs and Quotes. Watch these videos to find out more.


How do I get it?

Starting in July, we'll be slowly inviting existing customers to try the new WORK. Invitations are sent at random each week. It may take as long as a few months for all customers to be invited, so please be patient. New customers are likely to start on the current version before receiving their invitation. 


Will my existing Clients, Jobs, etc be available in the new WORK?

Yes. All the information you store in WORK today will be accessible from both the current and new versions of WORK. In fact, all users will have the ability to easily switch between the two versions as needed.

Later, they'll be an option to stay in the new version permanently. All users will eventually need to select this option - but our primary goal is for you to be comfortable, first.  




Why haven't I been invited?

WORK Customers are being invited to try the new WORK at random throughout July and the months following. The process of inviting customers slowly over time ensures all users have quick and easy access to shared resources, like our Customer Care Team, should they need it. 


Where will I see my invite?

As soon as your company is invited, you will get an email and an in-product message letting you know the new WORK is available for you. 


Can I request an earlier invitation?

Invitations will happen automatically, and cannot be requested. 


I'm a new WORK customer.  Can I start with the new version of WORK?

New WORK customers will start on the current version of WORK while we prepare the final touches for new customers. All new customers will automatically be added to the invite list and receive an invitation once it's ready. 


I've been invited to the new version. Can I go back to the current version WORK?

Yes. Invited users have the ability to switch between the new and current versions of WORK. All your business information will still be accessible from both versions.

Later, we'll give you the option to permanently stay with the new version. Eventually, all users will need to select this option. 


Will all users (admins) in my company be invited at the same time?

Yes.  All administrative users in each WORK account will be invited at the same time. 


Will all users in my company need to upgrade at once?

No. When given the option to Upgrade, each administrative user will make that decision for him or herself. 


Can my company get retrained on the new WORK?

Companies looking for help or training on the new WORK will be able to attend live, group training sessions led by members of the WORK Implementation Team in the future. Stay tuned to your email for an invite. 





Why the improvements?

Over the past year, we've been working closely with WORK customers to understand their businesses, workflows and ideas for improving WORK. When we started testing new concepts with dozens of real WORK customers earlier this year, the results were unanimously positive. 

We've been working hard ever since to finalize our plans and bring these to customers as soon as possible. 


How do I get started?

Here's how we recommend you get started using the new WORK:

1. First, visit our What's New article to see all the resources available to you.

2. Then, head over to our videos page to learn about the new Jobs, Clients and Quotes and what's new.

3. Don't forget to read your email. We'll be sending along tips & tricks just for you.


What changes were made to the mobile fieldworker app?

The new WORK delivers changes for the admin experience (web app) only.  We'll continue to deliver regular improvements to the WORK Fieldworker app. Plus, we've got our eye on some bigger improvements for WORK's mobile future. Stay tuned. 


What can we expect in the future?

We've heard your suggestions and the feedback you've communicated to our Customer Care Team, and we couldn't be more excited for what's to come.

While future plans are still in process, know that Fleetmatics WORK will continue to be the best field service solution for small businesses to help you organize schedules, manage and track job progress and improve dispatching. 

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