September 16, 2016: Create Sites and Contacts alongside Jobs

The following improvements to WORK were released to all users on September 16, 2016. These changes were released to the new version of WORK.


Create Sites and Contacts when creating Jobs: When creating a Job or a Quote, you can add new Sites or new Contacts that have not been recorded for your Clients. When saved, you can continue creating your Job or Quote without missing a step.

Use Default Country for Sites: Create and add sites to your Clients quicker and easier. The Site Country will automatically default to your saved settings in Company Settings.

More email domains allowed: Start using email domains other than .com, .org or .net. Email address filed snow allow domain names of up to 6 characters (i.e. "xxx@xxx.domain")

Automatically set Quotes to Approved: Quote statuses are not automatically updated and changed to "Approved" upon creating a job from the quote.

Search Jobs with no Fieldworkers: It is now possible to search only the jobs that have no Fieldworkers assigned to them from the main jobs list. Use the Filtering Options and choose "No Fieldworker" from the Fieldworker drop-down menu.

Increase Location Accuracy for Tasks and Quotes: Latitude and Longitude fields are added to your Tasks and Quotes to increase location accuracy, and help your Fieldworkers get to them easily. 


Default State and Country: When creating a new Client record, the correct State and Country saved in your Client Default Country/State Settings will be automatically used.

Removed Inactive Job types from Search: When using the Filtering Options to search the main jobs list, the Job type drop-down menu will no longer include inactive Job Types.

Errors on Recurring Jobs with no End Date: To avoid any errors when creating a recurring job with blank End Times, the default Job Finish Time saved in the Default Jobs Settings will be automatically used. For default settings set to "Blank Times", the "Job Duration (in minutes)" setting will be applied to the Recurring Job's end time.

Creating Jobs from Scheduler uses incorrect time: The start and end time on the Scheduling section of a job created from the Scheduler will display the correct time where the cursor was dragged on the Scheduler.


Blinking QuickBooks Online icon: For customer who have their Fleetmatics WORK and QuickBooks Online accounts integrated, you can dismiss the blinking status by clicking on the icon itself. No need to click on a separate link to dismiss this.

Go Straight to Tasks: When clicking on the linked Task number on the main jobs list, you will be taken to the job record and the screen will automatically scroll down to the Tasks section. 

Date-pickers cut off dates: When selecting a date in various date fields (i.e. Contact DOB, Recurring date, etc), the date picker will now display the whole calendar.



- Fixed an issue where Purchase Orders are not being linked to jobs.

-Fixed issue where Site and Contact information were showing incorrect or corrupt values in drop-down menus.

--- END ---

4.0.9 and| 9.14.2016

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