February, 2016: QuickBooks Online (US) New Sync App

A new version of the QuickBooks Online Sync is now available to all customers in the USA. This version includes new features, including:

1. Easy Onboarding
Connect to QuickBooks Online and automatically sync all of your existing Clients and customers without the need for manual imports
2. A new user interface
We’ve updated the entire QuickBooks Online experience to make syncing easier to set-up, use and navigate for everyone
3. Sync status notifications
See your connection status for extra-assurance your records are syncing in the background, and when it needs your attention
4. Improved sync information
Easily view and filter information about specific records that have not been synced and how to fix them
5. Default State option
Elect to use the default State set in WORK when syncing Clients from QuickBooks in cases where
users haven’t filled-in this field
For more information on our QuickBooks Online Sync feature, check out the Accounting Integrations section of the Help center.
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