October 10, 2016: See sections you need to see... all the time!

The following improvements to WORK were released to all users on October 10, 2016. These changes were released to the new version of WORK.


Choose what you want to see, hide what you don't: When viewing a record you can choose which sections are always displayed or always hidden. Click on the (+) icon to display sections and the (-) sign to hide them. Your preferences will be remembered every time you log in.

New log in page: Get a fresher look when you log in. The Fleetmatics WORK log in page follows the same styling as our new user interface with a cleaner and sleeker design.

Set Fieldworker to "No Fieldworker": Jobs, Tasks and Quotes can be created initially without a Fieldworker assigned to it. Jobs, Tasks and Quotes can also be edited at a later time to remove Fieldworker and set to "No Fieldworker".

Also changing to "No Fieldworker" on a Job or Task just got easier. Double-click on the main list to select this option: 

Auto-update Status when set to No Fieldworker: When setting the Fieldworker assignment to "No Fieldworker" in a Job record, the Job Status will automatically be reset to Not Dispatched.

View all associated Equipment: Now you can view all Equipment when creating a job for a Site. It doesn't matter that you have not saved an Equipment to a specific Site, all equipment associated to the Client will be available to select from your Equipment list.

Security Improvement: We have introduced more security around viewing and retrieving stored passwords in the system. Stored passwords will not be visible when viewing a user's profile. However, unrestricted admins can reset passwords by simply typing in a new one and clicking Save.




  • Fixed issue with Client Status edit not being saved when changing to "Inactive".


  • Fixed issues with new Job "Create" button not responding.
  • Fixed issue with "Alert Fieldworker" and "Dispatch on Save" checkboxes not getting cleared when Fieldworker is set to "No Fieldworker".
  • Fixed console errors when saving Jobs.


  • Fixed errors appearing upon log in and when loading Equipment section.


--- END ---

4.2 | 10.10.2016

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