September 21, 2016: Job List Auto-Refresh and More

The following improvements to WORK were released to all users on September 21, 2016. These changes were released to the new version of WORK.


Job List Auto-refresh: The main jobs list now automatically refreshes when a new job is created, immediately displaying the most recently created job at the top of the list. 

New Recurrence End Column: A new column called "Recurrence End" can now be displayed on the main jobs list. to add this column, click on the Settings icon and check the "Recurrence End" checkbox.

Job End Date error message: When creating a new job, the error message "Start Date and Time must be before End Date and Time" will no longer be displayed unless an End Date/Time that occurs before the Start Date/Time is selected.

New message for Searching by Invoice Due Date: When using the Search filter option "Invoice Due Dates", and there are no records found, the message "No Jobs were found for the selected search filters" will be displayed instead of a blank page.

Email Invoice activity in History: When an invoice is generated and sent via email from Fleetmatics WORK, an activity will be recorded in the Work Audit History. Each email activity record will include the email address the email was sent, as well as the date and time of delivery.



Default Job Time Settings Remembered: When creating a new job, the saved settings for Job Start Time and Job Finish Time will be remembered and will display correctly when scheduling the job.

Recurring Weekly Job End Day will be consistent: When setting an end date for a recurring pattern, the system will automatically schedule the last recurrence to be on the same day of the week as the parent job, regardless of which day the calendar end date falls on. 

As an example, if a user chooses to recur a job every week on a Monday, and then selects an end date that happens to be any other day of the week, the last job of the series will be the last Monday before the end date.

Scheduler Tutorial Link: The Scheduler Tutorial link that accesses the Scheduler video is once again available on the Scheduler banner.




- Fixed issue where new or additional Quote Description are not being saved when editing a Quote.


- Fixed issue where the Total Paid amount in the Job Billing Details section is not showing the correct amount.


--- END ---

4.0.10 and| 9.21.2016

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