September 26, 2016 Update: New scheduler pop-up window and more

The following improvements to WORK were released to all users on September 26, 2016. These changes were released to the new version of WORK.


Job in scheduler pop-up window: When viewing or editing jobs from the Scheduler, the job page will open in a pop-up window instead of a new browser tab as it did in the previous version of WORK

Scheduling section moved: The Scheduling section on the Job Details page can now be found right below the Details section, and before the Custom Fields.

Completion Notes saved: When users enter Completion Notes and move on to Invoice the job without saving, users will now receive a pop-up message to remind them that “Changes need to be saved to the Job record before invoicing”. Upon clicking “Save”, the user can continue with entering the Invoice due date and Notes, and both Completion Notes and Invoice will be saved.


General Admin

-  Fixed styling issue which caused the QuickBooks Online notification icon on navigation bar to overlap or misalign with the main navigation banner.


4.0.11 | 9.26.2016

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