September 28, 2016: Set Fieldworker to "None" and more

The following improvements to WORK were released to all users on September 28, 2016. These changes were released to the new version of WORK.


Un-assign a Job:  The option "No Fieldworker" is now available from the drop down-options for Scheduling jobs.

Never Miss an Invoice: Avoid sending invoices with no due dates. The system will not save or send invoices that do not include due dates to make sure you can keep track easily.

Invoice to Complete a Job: When generating and sending an Invoice for a job that is currently In Progress, this job status will automatically be changed to Complete, saving you one more step.

Continuous Sub-Job Code: Sub-jobs will continue to follow the correct Job Code numbering sequence even if the last sub-job in the series has been deleted.




- Fixed issue that caused the Job History section to not load for specific customers.

- Fixed issue where Documents cannot be saved to a Task from the Scheduler.



--- END ---

4.0.12 | 9.28.2016

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