October 28, 2016: More ways to Add New Contacts to Jobs plus more Styling changes

The following improvements to WORK were released to all users on October 27, 2016. These changes were released to the new version of WORK.


Add New Contacts to Jobs when creating from the Scheduler: When creating a new job from the Scheduler, you can add a New Contact as needed. Once you save the New Contact details, you will be taken back to the Create a Job window where you left off.





Dashboard Styling Changes: The Dashboard now displays messages for empty charts: "You haven't created any invoices yet.", etc.

Updated Date Picker Design on Scheduler: The date picker on the Schedule calendar has been re-designed to match the over-all look and feel of the New WORK.

Removed Redundant Page: The Past Invoices page in Settings is redundant and have been removed for a cleaner and more organized look as part of the New WORK.





  • Fixed an issue where re-invoicing a job displays a Due Date that is one day earlier than the correct date.
  • Fixed an issue where the system times out when a user runs the Export Jobs function in Settings
  • Fixed an issue where a console error appears when refreshing the Job Details page.
  • Fixed an issue where the system returns an internal server error when running a Profitability Report.


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4.2.4 | 10.28.2016

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