October 17, 2016: Remember Search results and new Settings design

The following improvements to WORK were released to all users on October 17, 2016. These changes were released to the new version of WORK.


Search criteria and filters are remembered on Jobs: When searching for a record on the Jobs list, then opening that record and closing it, your original search will be remembered. You will continue to see the search results on your list when you exit from the record. This can be used with a simple search or the advanced search filters. 


Updated Settings design: The Settings home page has be re-designed to match the new look and style of the Jobs, Client, and Quotes sections.



Client and Quotes

  • Fixed an issue where a new Contact record is being saved duplicated when the SAVE button is clicked multiple times. 

QuickBooks Icon

  • Fixed an issue where the QuickBooks Online Sync icon displays an empty pop-up when clicked (applies only to customers who have sync enabled).



--- END ---

4.2.2 | 10.17.2016

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