How do I Create a Recurring Job?

You can set the recurrence from the very beginning while you are creating a new job. Remember: you can create a new job from the Jobs section, from the Scheduler, from a Client record or from a Quote. 

Select the Client, Location and Contact for your new job.


After your hit "Create", you will be taken to the Job Details section where you can set the recurrence in the Scheduling section.

Recurrences can occur on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly interval.

A. Daily Recurrence

You can select any number days interval for a Daily recurrence.

Or you can alternatively check the "Every Weekday" option to automatically schedule on all weekdays. Selecting this option will automatically ignore the number of days your have set in the "Every (blank) days" box.

When setting the end of the recurrence, you can choose to enter an "End by" date or to total number of occurrences you need.

In this example, setting the End by date to January 31st will result in creating 39 jobs starting on December 8th, scheduled everyday, except weekends.

B. Weekly recurrence

When selecting a Weekly recurrence pattern, you will have the additional option to choose which day of the week you want the job to be repeated.

You can select multiple days during the week.

When setting the end of the recurrence, choose and End by date. 

Or alternatively, you can also enter the total number of required jobs in the "or after (blank) occurrences" field. This will automatically set the End date to allow for this number of jobs in total.

In this example, entering the number of total jobs as 16 will automatically set the End date to January 31st.

C. Monthly recurrence

For a monthly recurrence, your options in choosing the number of intervals are expanded to "Days of the Month" or "Day of the Week".

Setting the intervals, as well as the end of recurrence is the same as the Daily or Weekly patterns.


Recurrence Summary

In the same window where you are creating your recurrences, a summary will be displayed.

This summary portion of the recurrence settings will be updated in real-time while you are editing or adding information. In the image below, the Start time is being changed to 3:09PM, and the summary reflects this change automatically.


Other changes you can apply are the End Time and assigned Fieldworker.

There will also be a note that tells you how to edit or change a recurrence after you have saved them and exited from this window.

To learn more about editing or deleting a recurrence, go to "How To: Edit or Delete a Recurring Job".


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