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Fleetmatics Work and Xero can take away the hassle of double entry between a customer's job management application and accounting package. Fleetmatics Work integrates with Xero and currently has the ability to import Clients and Invoices into Xero from Fleetmatics Work.

Supported versions

Data Sync

Sync Direction

Supported Markets



1 way from WORK to Xero




1 way from WORK to Xero

Data Transfer
Fleetmatics will currently send Client records, as well as your invoice values, across to Xero.
Note: Purchase order and payment information are not sent to Xero.


Sync Set-up


The example below is a case where you have your customer list setup in Fleetmatics Work and there are no Customers in Xero.

If you are an existing Xero user and have your customer list already setup in Xero, they first need to be imported into Fleetmatics Work as is.
This will avoid any duplicates and name conflicts while transferring your invoices.

 1. Creating the connection

  1. From the Settings section. Go to “Integrations” at the bottom of the left hand side panel, and click on “Xero”



Xero Settings:

There are no setting in the box initially, so we need to connect both applications. Hit 'Connect'
You are redirected to Xero login page as below:

Enter the login details for your Xero Account.
For our example we are entering the login details for 'CheckMate Solutions'

Step 2: Authorize Connection

The first screen post login, shows your account details with Xero and asks you to 'Authorise' sharing and connecting with Fleetmatics Work..
Hit 'Authorise'
You are redirected back to Fleetmatics Work.



Step 3: Setup Default Sales / Tax Code

The Sales Code box and Default Tax Code box are auto-populated from Xero..

  1. Select the options from the drop-downs and Save.. You have to do this just once..
  2. Hit Save



Step 4: Transfer Invoices / Customers

You are now all set to transfer contacts and invoices from Fleetmatics Work to Xero..

  1. Select the Start/End Dates for the invoices you wish to transfer..
  2. Hit the 'Refresh' button.. The list below now shows all invoices for the period selected in (1)
  3. Select the Invoices you wish to transfer.. In our case Job# 123
  4. Hit Copy Invoice button
  5. The transfer takes some time, so please be patient.. After a while hit Refresh button in the Xero pane and you can see the transferred invoices as below:



Step 5: Confirm Transfer is successful

  1. First the Client was inserted into Xero
  2. The invoice for the client was inserted in Xero

If the client had been transferred before then only the invoice would go through.



Step 6: Invoice from Work in Xero


The invoice shows all the products that were attached to the job in Fleetmatics Work.. These too have been successfully transferred..
From here on you can manage your accounts as usual with Xero..

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