What is a Recurring Job?

For some business, what type of jobs need to be done and when it needs to be done is more predictable than others. For example a pool cleaner will usually always know when to come back to a customer's house for a regular cleaning or chemical treatment job compared to a plumber being called in because of a busted pipe or clogged drain.

This article will discuss how to manage these predictable jobs to make your job as the scheduler or dispatcher easier.


Characteristics of a Recurring Job

Recurring jobs also called "child jobs" will have a few characteristics that will help you identify and manage them in the system:

1. They will inherit the parent job's Job Code with an appended ".x" in its new code, where "x" is the number of recurrences. This will help you identify which parent job these recurrences were created from.

2. They will inherit most of the Job details (and Task, if any) automatically. This means that you do not have to enter most of this repeating information on all the jobs you schedule in advance. 

3. Child jobs will require an "End By" date, which is up to 3 years from the date of the parent job. This will allow you to review client standing, pricing or contract details after a reasonable amount of time.


What information transfers to Recurring Jobs?

Below is a complete list of information that automatically gets copied over to all recurring jobs.

*Please note that these data will only transfer if they are entered and saved while creating the parent job, before creating the recurrence pattern. Any information that is added or edited to the parent job later will not be automatically updated in the child jobs. 

From Job Details From Tasks (if any) From Billing Details From Completion Notes
Client Name Task Type Items (and quantity) Additional Notes
Job Site Address Task Service Description    
Contact Details Task Special Instructions    
Job Type Task Priority    
Job Priority Task Fieldworker (if assigned)    
Job Description Task Equipment    
Special Instructions Task Documents    
Job Custom Fields (if any)      
Client Custom Fields (if any)      
Job Equipment      
Job Documents      

To set up a recurrence pattern for a job, see also "How To: Create a Recurring Job".


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