SEPTEMBER Summary of Release Items

Below is a summary of all the Features and Improvements we have introduced in the month of September 2016. For the full details of these releases, you can click on the date links to view the full article.

September 28, 2016 

  • Remove an assigned Fieldworker from a Job by selecting "No Fieldworker" from the Fieldworker names list.
  • Invoice Due Date fields are now required to save or send the Invoice.
  • Invoicing a job will automatically change the Job Status from "In Progress" to "Complete."
  • Bug fixes

September 26, 2016 

  • Job records viewed from the Scheduler calendar will no longer open in a new browser tab. Instead a new window will display on top of your Scheduler view.
  • The Scheduling section in the Job Details has been moved up one section so it is now found right below the job details.
  • When entering Completion Notes they are remembered even if you do not hit the overall Save button. You can move on to Billing Details and save all changes when done.
  • Bug fixes

September 21, 2016 

  • The Jobs main list auto-refreshes to immediately show you new jobs created.
  • We have added a "Recurrence End" column that can be displayed as part of the Jobs list.
  • The message "Start Date and Time must be before End Date and Time" will no longer be displayed unless an End Date/Time that occurs before the Start Date/Time is selected.
  • When filtering job searches for "Invoice Due Dates, and there are no matching results, a notification will be displayed: "No Jobs were found for the selected search filters".
  • Invoice emails activities are recorded and displayed in Work Audit History.
  • When creating a new Job, the default Job time settings are displayed correctly.
  • Bug fixes

September 16, 2016 

  • When creating a Job, you can add new Sites or Contacts without leaving the job record. After saving new Site or Contact information, you will be taken back to the job creation window to continue.
  • When creating new Clients or Sites, the State and Country fields will automatically select the default setting.
  • Email domains of up to 6 characters are now allowed when saving Client or Contact emails.
  • Quotes that are turned into a Job will automatically be set to "Approved"
  • You can now search for Jobs that do not have Fieldworkers assigned to them by using the Filtering Options for Fieldworkers and selecting "No Fieldworker".
  • Removed inactive Job Types from job search when using Filtering Options.
  • Recurring Jobs end time will automatically use the default settings to avoid any errors when saving.
  • Bug fixes


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