Can I sync my sub-customers into Fleetmatics WORK?

Here is a quick guide that explains how Fleetmatics WORK handles QuickBooks sub-customers:

  • QuickBooks sub-customers will be on-boarded into Fleetmatics WORK as a "Client"
  • Fleetmatics WORK does not make a distinction between records that are created as "Customer" or "Sub-Customer" in QuickBooks Online

Fig 1: QuickBooks Customer list showing the Customer "Accounting Firm" and its sub-customers under it.


Fig 2: Fleetmatics WORK Client list showing all Accounting customers from QuickBooks are created as a regular Client.


What does this mean?

The images above shows us that Fleetmatics WORK has the ability to copy over all your QuickBooks customers. But that WORK will treat all sub-customers as a separate client that can be invoiced independently for every job scheduled and performed at their locations.


How will this affect my invoices?

Because sub-customers are on-boarded into WORK as Clients, this means that each sub-customer will be invoiced directly for all jobs created for them. When pushing these invoices, there really will be no significant difference from how transaction invoices are created directly in QuickBooks. 

As an example below, a job was scheduled and performed for "Accolade Accounting" in Fleetmatics WORK. This job was invoiced for $30.00 in WORK, and the sync pushed this invoice into QuickBooks Online.


Looking at the QuickBooks side, we see that the invoice was pushed to the correct sub-customer "Accolade Accounting", and the invoiced amount of $30.00 also rolls up to the main customer "Accounting Firm", as seen below:


*Please note: All invoices generated in WORK will use the Client Address for billing purposes. If a different billing address needs to be used for the invoice, this needs to be done in QuickBooks Online.


How will this affect my payments?

Payment records will be pushed from WORK to QuickBooks in the same way as the Invoices. All payments recorded against an invoice in WORK will be pushed to QuickBooks and applied against the correct invoice as well.

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