November 18, 2016: Auto-refresh Jobs list after Archiving Jobs

The following improvements to the new version of WORK were released to all customers on November 18, 2016. 


Auto-refresh Jobs list after archiving: When archiving Jobs, the list will automatically refresh to remove the Archived jobs from active jobs list.

More email domains accepted: The system will now allow longer domain names to be accepted when saving Client emails, Site email and Contact email. (i.e.: emailaddress@email.longerdomainname).



  • Fixed an issue where the Custom Job Status was breaking the order of creation date in Job Status History.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect date and time are selected when following the workflow: Scheduler, right-click to Create a Job, Create a Client.
  • Fixed an issue where the Jon Type-specific labor rate is over-ridden by the Fieldworker labor rate even if the Fieldworker labor rate is set to $0.00
  • Fixed an issue where the Status field on a Client gets shifted to the right page of the screen when the Customer Type field has too much information.
  • Fixed an issue where any new information entered in the Job Details are not saved when recurring a Job.


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4.2.9 | 11.18.2016

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