How do I track a Fieldworker's location?

The Map from the Scheduler and Jobs sections provides helpful information to users regarding a Fieldworker's relative location. This can assist a dispatcher on identifying and assigning a Fieldworker to a job based on who the closest worker is to a specific address, and how close he is. This Fieldworker location capture also gives the office a great view into a Fieldworker's progress for the day.

Users can display the Map either of 2 ways:

1. From the Jobs section: check the boxes for which jobs you would like to display on the map and click on the "Map" button.

2. From the Scheduler: while on Day view, select the Map icon to display all Jobs scheduled for the day.


When is a Fieldworker's location tracked?

GPS coordinates are captured when a Fieldworker performs any one of many actions within the WORK mobile app. When an action is recorded from the mobile app, WORK then notes the single GPS coordinates of the Fieldworker's location.

Note: For continuous GPS tracking of Fieldworkers, please contact us about REVEAL, Fleetmatics' real-time fleet monitoring solution, and learn more about how WORK and Reveal work together.

GPS coordinates are captured when a Fieldworker performs any one of the following actions in the WORK mobile app:

  • Clock In
  • Clock Out
  • Job Travel Start
  • Job Travel Pause
  • Job Travel Resume
  • Job Travel Finish
  • Job Start
  • Job Pause
  • Job Resume
  • Job Finish
  • Task Travel Start
  • Task Travel Pause
  • Task Travel Resume
  • Task Travel Finish
  • Task Start
  • Task Pause
  • Task Resume
  • Task Finish


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