QuickBooks Desktop: Which Invoice Account to select for Sync

When setting up your QuickBooks Desktop Sync, you will be asked to select where to "Send inventory items to Invoice Account".


When you click on the drop down arrow, a list of all your Income Accounts in QuickBooks will be displayed, and you can select any one of your Income Accounts.



Which one should you choose?

Remember this will be the same account that the items you use in your WORK invoice will be allocated to. That means if you create a brand new item in WORK and add it to an invoice, that new item will automatically be created in the Income Account you selected in this step.

What if I already have my items created in QuickBooks?

There will be no impact to items that you have already created in QuickBooks. When you use any of the existing items you have in a WORK invoice, these items will be allocated to the income account that they originally belong to in QuickBooks, and you will see this information on your P&L reports as well.


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